At Freshwater Dental we keep up to date with the latest in dental technology to ensure that we are providing our patients with the best in dental care.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is diagnostic tool used by your dentist to view all of the areas in your mouth. This small digital captures footage from the inside of your mouth and displays it onto a TV screen so that your dentist can explain to you what is going on and help give you an understanding of your oral health.

Laser Dentistry

Thanks to advancements in dental technology, laser dentistry is now more available than ever. Laser dentistry can be used for a variety of treatments including the removal of tooth decay, teeth whitening and gum reduction surgery. This precise treatment method is often faster and less painful than alternative options and can often reduce the amount of swelling and bleeding a patient experiences.

Laser dentistry is also a great option for those who are afraid of needles or the drill as it is much quieter and doesn’t cause the same vibration sensation as the drill. However it is important to note that laser dentistry isn’t a viable option for everyone. If you are interested please consult your dentist prior to treatment.

Low Dose Digital X-Rays

Low dose digital x-rays are a safer option than standard dental radiographs as they use 90% less radiation. They are also beneficial as the images are available on our computers straight away to be viewed and analysed.


An OPG is an advanced x-ray that shows the entire jaw line, tooth and bone structure, dental nervous system and sinus passage. This allows us to better diagnose any issues and provide you more accurate treatment options.

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