Children's Dentistry

At Freshwater Dental we understand that everyone’s dental needs are different and as a result we offer a personalised service for all patients, especially children. We know that the dentist can be scary for little ones so we aim to put them at ease in our warm and friendly practice.

At Freshwater Dental we believe that it is important to develop good habits early to help keep tiny teeth healthy. We suggest that you bring your child to the dentist by the age of 3. By bringing them in early (often before any treatment is needed) it helps familiarise them with the dentist and them feel comfortable in the dental chair. It is also a great opportunity for us to answer any questions you have about looking after your child’s teeth.

As your child grows older most dental visits will involve the dentist assessing any current issues as well as looking out for any future problems that may occur. They will also clean the teeth and apply a fluoride treatment. Between the ages of 4-6 we are likely to take your child’s first set of x-rays to check for any cavities that may be lurking between the teeth.

Once your child is 8 years old we will often suggest an orthodontic assessment. While most children won’t need braces until they are in their early teens, it is important to start the assessment early so that we can look out for any skeletal issues which need to be treated.

We will continue monitoring your child’s teeth throughout their teens and teach them good oral habits that they can continue into adulthood.

Keeping teeth healthy

Here are some tips for to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

    • Discourage thumb sucking as this can cause tooth alignment issues or cause the teeth to protrude outward.
    • Once your child is 18months old begin brushing their teeth with a soft bristled child’s toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of low-fluoride toothpaste. Prior to this you should still brush your child’s teeth but just use plain water instead of toothpaste.
    • Teeth your child how to brush their own teeth (using soft, circular motions) but continue to assist them up until the age of 8.
    • Floss your child’s teeth daily
    • Visit the dentist for a check up every six months.
    • Limit sugary foods and drinks
    • Do not send your child to bed with a bottle of milk or juice as the liquid will often leak onto their teeth while they are asleep.
    • This allows for bacteria to build up and cause tooth decay.
    • If your child uses a dummy avoid dipping it into anything sugary as this promotes tooth decay. Also try and discourage the use of a dummy once they turn one (and definitely before adult teeth come through).
    • Do not share a toothbrush with your child or put their dummy, bottle or cutlery in your mouth. This behaviour can transfer decay-causing bacteria from your mouth to theirs.

    At Freshwater Dental we want to help children develop good oral hygiene habits that they will continue into adulthood. If you child is overdue for their next appointment please call reception on 02 9905 2022.

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